Saturday, March 31, 2012

More books from Fishpond

Received the other 3 books I bought from


I have reservations about the Goodnight Moon book.  Although I think my daughter might like it later on.  It did not catch our attention much but hopefully it's one of those books that grow on you.

She loved 2 books out of the 4 from the Little Learning Library.  The ones she loved most is the Words mainly because it's got a photo of a ball, butterfly and bird that are already familiar with her.  The other one she loves is the animal sounds.  She loves hearing me copy the sound of each animal in the book.  :)

The last one, Why I Love My Mummy, is a board book version of the one she already have.  However, the board book is way out of league from the hardbound version.  It only has around 4 or 5 animals featured and I was disappointed because it did not include the ones my daughter love.  The hardbound version of the Why I Love My Mummy book is her all-time favorite book that never fails to lit up her face when she sees it.

The books I ordered from Fishpond arrived within the estimated time they advised.  And they were all in good condition as the books were all bubble wrapped.

Will I buy from Fishpond again?  Yes!  I think their books are reasonably priced and as long as you're not in a hurry, the delivery time is just right.

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ays said...

nako, miss ther. yung "good night, moon" na book was my nephew's favorite for two/three years. something about the words, when you say them over and over.. parang nagiging LSS. hehe.

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