Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today, as I watch one of the episodes from Boston Legal Season 4, I was struck by the aptness of the topic that Denny and Allan were talking about. Allan just came out of a committed relationship and was confused because he doesn't seem to be missing the girl he just spent six months with. It was like Poof! and she's gone from his life. Denny was saying that he can't understand why someone who was deeply a part of who you are, of your life, can suddenly be just gone and no longer important.

And it made me think because Denny does make sense. Sometimes, I feel disturbed by the fact that people who used to love each other suddenly become the worst enemies. You'd wonder if their relationship was just a fickle of your imagination. And then you'd think, was it even there in the first place?

I've been in a few relationship before. And no matter the different endings, I don't hate the men who I used to love. But then I am not a person who harbors hate or grudges. For that I am glad. I don't want to dishonor the memory of the people I used to love by hating them for the rest of my life.

You might say I am able to say that because we probably parted amicably. Maybe we did. But it doesn't mean my heart was not broken before. I just chose not hate.

One can argue further that maybe I am just saying that because I am no longer nursing a broken heart. Or because I have found someone new. They can. But they would be wrong.

Here is a previous writing of mine about Valentine. It does still apply.

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