Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine's day is associated with flowers, gifts and candies. My question is, where are they? I looked under my pillows and under the table. I even peeped into the box that's been sitting beside my desk since our last move from ORL to Ocean Building. Maybe I missed the delivery guy because I see no flowers, gifts or candies. =)

So we survive another day. I didn’t notice as much mushiness here as I would have if I were in Manila. Maybe the Filipinos are more expressive of their feelings than the people here.

Out of the numerous people that I saw on my way home, I saw only one guy bearing flowers. He was in a rush, like he’s already late for his appointment with his date. Tsk tsk. Not very impressive.

Earlier that day, while everybody else was busy planning for their dates, I was baking blueberry cheesecake. My sister Mary requested for it and although it was already past midnight, I happily obliged.

There is no grand gesture, no sweeping off of one’s feet. When you’re busy panicking about work, I guess you feel no concern if you’re not going out on a date.

I heard some guys complaining that there really is no reason to celebrate. They say that everyday is Valentine. Uhhhhmmmm. Okay. Is that an excuse because they forgot to make a reservation? Or maybe it is true. Why does the expression of one’s love have to be limited to a single day’s celebration? Isn’t love supposed to be celebrated everyday?

When he looks at you a certain way, when he shares a secret smile, is that not Valentine? When he prepares your favorite dish or hold on to you while crossing the street, tell me, do you feel it’s Valentine?

We have a tendency to take for granted the smaller things in life. Things that happen on a daily basis are assumed no longer of consequence because of the frequency of their occurrence. But take out that one simple gesture in your life and you’d wonder, what happened? Then you’d become paranoid and say that maybe he doesn’t love me anymore. Oh what a fickle mind!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. After all the celebrations, all you see are the empty boxes, crumpled gift wrappers and the flowers starting to wither. Hopefully the day has given you a better perspective of love. Because after all the trash have been dumped and the flowers have all wilted, the only thing left is the feelings that you share with your love ones.

May you always feel loved and happy. May we all continue to believe and hope. Because when we lose hope and belief in love, what else is there to believe in?

Belated Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Joy said...

nice entry. true! we survived yet another valentine's day.

dragonslayer said...

Salamat. :)

It felt like any other day because we were working late even then. Well, except for one little girl who went out on a date. She knows who she is. =)

Joy said...

aha. sino kaya yun?

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