Thursday, March 1, 2007

Gap Model

Oh yeah! The new GAP model is our beloved Wentworth Miller. My sister Malou and I saw his picture in Cleo on our way back to Manila and the two of us were fighting with each other on who will keep the picture. It doesn't matter that I own the magazine, she just got to have it. Woe of all woes, we forgot the magazine on our way back. So there goes Wentworth....

Malou said she saw him with long hair or at least sporting more hair than what he has now and it seems it was not as flattering as his current do. I must say that if he looks at me the way he's looking in the photo above, I think it's so easy for any woman to melt. Hell! I'll go with him anywhere if I see him looking at me like that. And that killer smile? Reel me in honey because I'm yours!

Can I bring him home mommy? =)

Check the Wentworth Miller online website.

Note: the picture above is not the GAP ad we saw in Cleo. It's from his fan site listed above.

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