Friday, February 9, 2007

Side Comments

On my way to the office, I saw a woman hesitantly trying to cross the road just when the taxi I am on is about to pass. The taxi driver gave way. She was almost at the other side when I noticed something. She's wearing a transparent white pedal pusher with a black T-back underwear. Talk about trying to get attention. You can be fashionable without trying to be too crass about it. Am I becoming too much of an auntie? I hope not. I just really think it should be a fashion no-no to wear a white transparent pants/skirts, etc. and then wear a black T-back underwear. She should have just gone commando because it's almost the same thing. Horrible! Really! That girl needs to be given a lesson in fashion. Fashion fairy, where are you?

I should be saying TGIF but since I'll be working on Saturday I think I'll reserve my thanks for Sunday.

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