Sunday, February 4, 2007

Bagaholic Tendency

YES! That’s what most would answer if they were asked if I have a bagaholic tendency. There’s no doubt about it and I would not even deny the fact.

So, I love bags. Is that a crime? Maybe, maybe not. I realized my tendency to be a bagaholic a few days back. I went down to buy coffee and I happened to see a cart-full of bags a few steps away. They are so pretty and I was so tempted to hold them in my hands and feel their soft texture. They come in all sizes and colors and different designs. They are so temptingly beautiful! I felt myself drawn to the cart of bags. I can literally feel my tongue salivating with the sight of all those pretty, pretty bags.

But I left empty handed. Hooray! I was able to control myself. It was very difficult to walk away but I did. One point for me. Woo hoo!

My sisters are constantly showered with hand-me-down bags. But what’s funny is that sometimes I’d see them with one of my old bags and I’d comment on how pretty it is and they’d be laughing because I can’t remember my old bags anymore. Ha ha. Funny.

I have probably already spent a fortune with all the bags that I currently own and the ones that have passed through my hands. Good thing I am not a designer fanatic or I would have probably maxed my credit cards to satisfy my whim.

My closet is currently filled with more than a dozen bags right now. A small number you’d think? Maybe. Only because I’ve already cleaned it up with bags that I don’t often use anymore.

Maybe I’d find a bag that I can use for all occasions and all types of fashion and then maybe that will be the end of my bagaholic tendency. But until then, I’d probably continue eyeing those beautiful bags until my eyes hurt.


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