Thursday, April 2, 2015

Seeing Double

I am half of an identical twin.  My friends already know this but there's always someone who would tap me on my shoulder or wave at me thinking I am my twin.  And it happens to her too.  Especially since we work and live at the same area.

Some would automatically be able to see the difference between us, but oftentimes, it takes a while before we can be differentiated easily.

We may look alike but we cannot be more different to each other.

I like rock/alternative music and she likes pop. Bleh.

She's nicer, friendlier while I am more aloof, preferring to observe and don't open up easily.

She loves to socialise while I prefer to curl up at home and read a book.  Not that she doesn't like reading books because I think my love of reading has rubbed off on her too.

She flares up faster and although I do too, my tolerance is a bit higher than her.

She's prettier.  But I am smarter.  he he.

I am so glad that the two of us never had the inclination to compete.  We knew what our strengths were and we complement each other.

Having a twin means always having someone on your side.  Someone who would never judge you or your decisions.  Someone who would always tell the truth and make you realise your mistakes.

Having a twin is having a friend for life.  Here's to my other half of the egg.  Muah!

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msg923 said...

Sis I also love reading (ahem target in goodreads: 120 books for 2015). I know the feeling. Just last week someone was waving at me near your ofc so I just smiled and pretended I know her hehhehe.

Btw I'm not really that friendly. I try sometimes. 😃

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