Sunday, February 8, 2015

3WW: Desire Shiver Wilt

I always like these writing prompts as it allows me to think, to be creative in my writing.  Lately, I have not been doing much of that.  The writing, not the thinking.  :)  But every now and then I'd like to challenge myself.  I'm a bit late for this Wednesday prompt but I still want to try.  So here goes....   

A fleeting glance
A blatant stare
A marked look that sends shivers down my spine

The desire to ignore is strong
But curiosity got the better of me

Empty space greets me as I turn
And my heart skips a beat because it may be too late

There at the end of the alley, the glimpse of red gave me hope
Only for that hope to wilt and crumble as I realize
He is gone....

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