Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Little Princess

I looked for her favourite movie 'How to Train Your Dragon'.  But upon playing it, she said, 'I don't like dragons!'.  So I closed it off and gave her color pencils and her paper so she can continue to doodle.

A few minutes out, she then said, 'I like dragons! You see! I like dragons!'  So you then promptly play the movie for her.

This is just a few of the flavour of a mom's daily experience.  Then there's those instances when she get angry and she will say, 'Go to your room and cry!'  But would then follow you closely when you stand up and follow her command.

My daughter is at that age when she now say what's on her mind or anything in between that she just thought of in the spur of the moment.

She even surprised my husband when she blurted one day, 'I want to sleep with Lulu'.  Upon giving her one of her many sleeping bears, she said, 'No! This is not Lulu. This is Roger!'.  Only then did my husband delightfully realised that my daughter has named her bears.

Give her a doll and she will instantly throw it away as she seem to have no love for them.  But give her a gun or a car and she will be your adoring fan.  I did test it and she does like cutie things like Hello Kitty so she's not solely liking toys for the boys.  She just happen to like playing with the cars, trains and guns than waste her time playing with dolls.

Keaira also now starts making stories and playing make believe with her cars, with her bears and with her other toys.  Which can be very funny sometimes when you hear her making up her own dialogue as she goes along.

She smiles at everyone and greet anyone she sees.  She doesn't of course always get a reciprocal warm greetings but sometimes she manages to break the ice with a few people and she'd get a 'Hi' in return.

Nowadays, she can already understand when someone is angry or unhappy.  She will then ask, 'Are you happy?'.  If you say no, she will then say 'Love Mommy and Kiss Mommy'.  Then she'll open her arms to hug you and give you a kiss.  This will then be followed by 'Are you happy now?'.  No matter how annoyed you are for any naughty things she did, those go away the moment she gives you a hug and a kiss.  Simple but it works.

Sometimes, I wonder from whom she got her naughty nature.  When you ask her to stay still so you can fix her hair, she will then start moving crazy like a worm making it impossible for you to do what you need to do.  This is of course accompanied by her crazy face and crazy smile.  Grrrrrr.  Instead of getting angry, you end up being enchanted by her antics that I can't help sometimes but to kiss her.

Being a Mom is definitely not a walk in the park.  But being Keiara's Mom is definitely worth it.

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