Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marriage Incorporated

Many consider marriage as an end game. A destination to be reached, an achievement to claim. Like it's a trophy you get to confirm your self worth, a memento to be displayed for all to see.

But it's just another start to a lifelong journey. To an adventure that should link to other beginnings: births, baptism, school, weddings, etc.

How many suddenly realize that the person they married is very different from the person they wanted? Suddenly waking up to a stranger and asking themselves what went wrong.

There are a number of reasons why marriages fall apart. Infidelity, immaturity, incompatible and differing views and opinions, just to name a few.

In a number of countries, the solution is always available: divorce, separation. For a Catholic country like the Philippines, that's not an option.

I used to look at marriage with skepticism.  Incredulously looking on as couples walk down the aisle, silently asking if they are aware of how permanent marriage is.

Don't take me wrongly.  I am a believer of marriage.  I was just not sure everyone who enters it are ready and not just blindly closing their eyes and plunging on into the unknown.

I would like to think that I was ready when I did walk that aisle to meet my husband at the altar.  I did not feel any fear or misgiving that what I was doing is wrong.  One would think that at the age that I entered matrimony, that's already a given. But I don't believe it is.

Now, a few days short of our 4th year as husband and wife, you'd wonder, has anything changed?

With Keiara as an addition to our family, something definitely has changed.  But there are times, out of the blue, I'd look across my husband and feel a sudden jolt that makes me realize that I am still in love with him. 

I know it's funny that realizing that surprises me.  When you've got a husband who takes care of you and your family really well, up to the smallest things, that alone should be enough to indicate how he feels.

As days pass, I still discover things about my husband that continues to amaze me.  

Our journey is still on its early stage. There will be trials and rewards along the way.  I don't know if 10 years on into our marriage if we both would still feel the same.  All I know is that I could have not asked for a better partner to go through this adventure.

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