Thursday, April 18, 2013

Destruction Endure Trust

The words for this week are:


The storm hits them in the middle of the night.  The sound of the wind was unforgiving, loud and screaming, promising a night of destruction.  But he believes his family is prepared and will be able to endure the full wrath of the elements.  He has to trust that all his preparation are not for naught.

A few days back, he saw the signs of a very strong storm brewing in the horizon.  He shared his warning to his whole community but his words were ignored.  His neighbors believed he was exaggerating and was making a big fuss about nothing.  He continued to plead with them, to ask them to prepare but his words fell on deaf ears.

When the storm hit, it was like a thief stealing into the darkest hour of the night.  There was a moment of calm before a sudden noise announced the storm's arrival.

Screams fill the air as his community was blanketed by the night when the power went out.  His house is the only one that has light as he bought generators for such eventuality.

The storm's strength is such that venturing outside could be dangerous so even though he wants to help his neighbors, he can't do anything until the storm has passed.

After what seems like forever, the storm start losing it strength until eventually, there is a quiet that falls his neighborhood.

It's over.  He just hopes that his community stays strong in the face of the destruction.  If only they trusted him enough to listen to his pleas.  But he is sure they will endure and overcome this like any other challenge.


Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

It's a scary thought. I live in an area where sometimes tornadoes hit. I've been lucky so far. I hope my luck holds out.

oldegg said...

How right it is to have an emergency action plan and to be prepared for any
such event wherever you live.

Sheilagh Lee said...

True sometimes we don't prepare and suffer the consequences.

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