Sunday, September 4, 2011

8 Months and Counting....

I've been neglecting my blog.  Not by choice but just because I've been busy.  Work is starting to be more hectic as we move nearer to the end of the year.  And since I take care of Keiara in the evening, it doesn't leave me much time to spend on recreations.  =)

Yesterday, Keaira turned 8.  And we spent part of the day in Carrefour Suntec.  I know it's not a very good place to celebrate her 8th month but we needed to do some shopping!  Her Daddy also wants her to go out every now and then so she can get used to seeing a lot of people.

The train ride in the circle line was not a very good choice as there were a lot of students who boarded the train and it became a very wild and loud circus.  Good thing Keiara was not irritated and started crying like the other babies in the train.  The noise was just so horrible.

Our highlight for the day is when she started shouting and shouting even at strangers!  She just won't stop! Aahhh!  Aahhhh!  Aahhhhh!  She was shouting so much I was afraid she's going to get hoarse.

It turned out she wants a new diaper as she already pooped.  And as she was sleepy at the same time, she then started bawling, with tears running down her face, while we were cleaning her up!  She only stopped when Mommy held her close.  After that, she wanted to stay in Mommy's arms until she fell asleep.  :)

Here's a photo of Keiara taken by Daddy in August.  So pretty.

Happy 8th month Ta-baby! Love you! Muah!

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