Monday, March 14, 2011

When becomes an addiction.....

You know you're addicted to

.... when you wake up in the wee hour of the morning and the first thing you check are pop notifications from instragram

.... when you take photos of just about anything because you NEED to share something

.... when you stare at your phone for hours, just waiting for a news feedback if someone liked your photos or not

Here are a few items I've learned.


  • add unique tags for your photos so it can be viewed as thumbnails by people who might be interested to see your collection. Start early because when you've got 100+ photos already, it's difficult to go back to the others and tag them one by one
  • add specific tags to your photos, e.g. location, object, etc. it allows others to search your photos and you get more views
  • if you want, you should ask photos to be tagged as your favorite so you can go back to these photos anytime
  • provide sincere feedback. don't go over the top. i will know if you're lying. ha ha.
  • respond to feedbacks
  • join groups , e.g. #photooftheday, #pimpmyphoto.
  • Check out the popular list. You'll be surprised by a lot of good photos out there
  • tag photos you like
  • follow people who interests you


  • ask people to follow you. if they want to, they would. otherwise, it will end up as a virtual mutual admiration society. ha ha.
  • follow because they followed you. refer to the above.
  • post photos taken by someone else!
  • press the like button unless you mean it

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