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BOOK REVIEW: Brotherhood Of The Rose by David Morrell

Brotherhood of the Rose


Book summary from GoodRead
They were orphans, Chris and Saul -- raised in a Philadelphia school for boys, bonded by friendship, and devoted to a mysterious man called Eliot. He visited them and brought them candy. He treated them like sons. He trained them to be assassins. Now he is trying desperately to have them killed.

I saw the TV series first before reading the book. I enjoyed the series a lot and fancied myself having a crush on Peter Strauss. When I had the opportunity to read the book, I took it. I always believed the written version has a lot more to say.

Needless to say that I was hooked from the first page all the way to the end. I read this book a long time back and just took the time to read it again this year.

The book still hold its appeal even after a second reading. It might not be as exciting as it was before since you already know partly what's coming. But I guess when the characters and stories are great, reading it again won't detract from the book's great story line.

It's got the usual factors: loyalty, betrayal, revenge. What's good about this book though is that it makes you feel like you're there along with the characters, experiencing the same pain, the same fear, the same emotions. Espionage always hold an appeal to most people. Maybe the cloak and dagger stuff, because of the danger involved, cause it to be exciting.

I can't help but emphatize with Saul's anger and grief, with Chris' confusion and guilt and with Eliot's fear.

The book will surely hook the reader from start to finish and a good way to introduce one's self to the writings of Morrell.

This book counts towards the following BCC reading challenges:
Book #2 Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge 2011
Book #3 100 Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2011

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