Saturday, January 29, 2011

Look What I Received In The Mail Today!

TheThis was my free book for joining the Mystery and Suspense Challenge 2011. I thought the free book was an e-book and when I didn't receive any feedback after a few days of joining the challenge, I chalked it up to the fact that it's probably limited to UK residents only.

But what do you know? I opened my mails today and was pleasantly surprised to see the book! Nothing beats a freebie!

1 comment:

Anisa said...

The guys' lines were soo funny in Clockwork Angel, I agree. The quote you posted made me laugh. But I liked Clockwork Angel's characters more than Mortal Instruments ones.
Oh and by the way I got this book too! I guess a lot of other people did but this is my first arc so it's exciting for me. :) hahah I'm only a few pages into it but what I've read is good!

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