Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Anti-Resolutions

Theme for this week: What are your top 5 Anti-Resolutions for the coming year?

The rules are simple:

List ten things you resolve not to do in the upcoming year.
Be as creative as possible.

They are asking for only the top 5 but Dale's instruction says ten. Do as you please.

  • I will not throw my baby up in the air to see if I can actually juggle

  • While in the hospital, I will not press the Nurse's call bell every hour on the hour to test if they are awake and on their toes.

  • I will not go skinny dipping just so I can take that out of my to-do list before I turn 40. No one wants to see a pregnant woman bare all.

  • I will not pretend to like annoying people by complimenting them on how good they look even if they look ridiculous

  • I will not dye my hair flaming red just because it's my favorite color

  • I will not pretend to be a Korean star and try to look cute and adorable

  • I will not buy clothes that are one size smaller in the hope that my diet might work one day

  • I will not force my friends to 'like' my Facebook posts to make it look like I've got a popular or unique idea

  • I will not wear killer heels for the hope of my legs looking sexier. It's a boat, one's just got to accept it.

  • I will not stock food supplies thinking I'll be able to use it when a big flood comes

I enjoyed doing this prompt. Hopefully it can be another tradition to follow every year.

I do hope to do one thing in the next coming year and that's to write as much as I can. I won't promise a daily write-up but I will definitely do my best to write as much as I can and join prompts when I can. With a baby girl coming my way in just a few days, I do have more reasons to write but I might be busy to do so.

Happy 2011!


Anonymous said...

I so agree with the not complimenting people when they look silly, and not buying clothes a size too small.
Good luck with the little one, you must be so excited :-)

Melissa said...

Fun list! Hope you enjoy motherhood! It's an amazing experience!

Ther said...

@newtowritinggirl, thanks for the comment. and yes, i am excited. just 2 more days. :)

@melissa, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great anti-resolutions. Can def relate to the one about clothing one size smaller. Been there, done that...never again.

Happy New Year.

Pat Hachiya said...

I was pretty good about blogging on the kids until I went back to work full time. good luck to you on staying focused on your writing and congratulations on your baby girl - i's got two!

Shelli said...

Great list -- although I think you should rethink the skinny dipping. So fun! Just make sure no one is looking. ;)

Laura Rachel Fox said...

Some admirable anti-resolutions.

I'm guilty of buying clothes that " are one size smaller in the hope that my diet might work one day."

Good luck with your little one. My second boy is due in February. Motherhood is indeed an amazing experience.

Annie said...

fabulous anti resolutions...

here are mine

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