Saturday, October 16, 2010

Very Mild SuperPowers

Theme for this week:What is your Characters Very Mild SuperPowers?

Keiara knew something is different about this day. When she woke up in the morning, she felt a different feeling, like something special is meant to happen today.

Today is her 18th birthday. She's been trying to keep a low profile about her birthday and not wanting to draw any attention to herself. She wore the new dress given to her by her favorite aunt, Aunt Matilda, with the shoes and jewelries to match.

Her school is just a few blocks away and with the good weather, she felt it's a good time to walk and show off her new outfit. But after one or two blocks, she realized something's a bit weird. A lot of the guys she saw are now walking a few paces behind. And they seem to be following her! She disregarded it as she thought maybe they are just going to the same place she's going to. But as block after block they followed, she realized she seems to be gathering a huge followers.

When one of them had the courage to approach her, all he ever said was "You're so pretty!"

Blushing and at a lost for words, she walked as fast as she can to her campus and ducked inside the first girl's restroom she can find.

She smelled her armpit and herself. She looked at her face closely. Nothing has really changed. Somehow on the day of her turning 18, she has gained a new power to attract the opposite sex. She used to feel she's invisible but today, that is no longer true.

She wondered what else she has power on. Maybe now she can be as smart as she want to be and be at the top five of her class. The day is just starting. Who knows what else it has in store for her?

I know the story line is a bit cheesy and a bit shallow but i can't seem to think of anything else to write right now.

inspired by:

I'm not a hero but I'm not a freak
I just have a very mild super powers


Mei Yii said...

Ooh. "She smelled her armpit and herself." Haha!

Your character is interesting.

She's "been trying to keep a low profile" but she "feel[s] she's invisible"? Conflicting inner struggles?

Laura Rachel Fox said...

A very useful superpower! This is a cute piece. It hints at the constant self-esteem issues of the typical teenage girl.

You may want to double check your tenses. Switching from past to present throughout the work can be distracting for the reader.

John Pender said...

Very useful superpower indeed. Sadly, I didn't develop this one till recently. Would have been nice to have had it in high school.

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