Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Married Life

I am still trying to reconcile myself to the fact that I am now married. That I now have other people that I am responsible for.

On the first morning after our wedding, I congratulated myself for having managed to prepare breakfast for my husband and our 3 kids. Yes, as the priest said during the wedding, Wilt's kids from his prior marriage are now my kids too.

The wedding seemed to have come and gone, not perfectly, but with minimal glitches. I love my wedding dress and I love the fact that it steered people away from the fact that I have gained weight. He he.

One small problem is that I lost my bridal bouquet. The tulips are gone! After asking several people, we finally realized that we left it at the reception. By this time, the flowers would have wilted so I don't think I can do anything about it by now.

Wilt and I are very thankful for all the people who helped us with our wedding and for those who attended as well. We're so glad we got the weather we wanted even though it was threatened by a very heavy rain the night before.

Anyhow, we've accomplished one goal together, next stop is to build our family and make it stronger and hopefully larger. I've found the right partner and I hope we have a great and lasting relationship. One can only hope and pray.

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