Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Unconventional Bridal Shower

The bridal shower planned by Alisa and Wena turned out to be one of the most fun event I had for some time. I did think if it was a party for my wedding because Wilt seems to be aware of it. But I figured that maybe I just forgot about it and I actually told him about the party earlier. Another fact that got me to dismiss it as a party for me is the fact that there are boys invited for the party. If it were an all-girls party, then I would automatically have assumed it was for a bridal shower.

The first person I saw was Jason. And my first question was, "Why are you here?". It was supposed to be a party for Vlads and Lester for their birthday. But then I figured, okay, it's always good to see old friends so why bother?

In the middle of our lunch, Wena and Alisa then advised it was a bridal shower. An unconventional one because the parties involved men. Most of my team were there including the night shift.

The first game was for a series of questions they asked Wilt and I'm supposed to match his answer. Boy, was I lousy at that. In my mind, some of the answers were obvious but I still answered something different. As a consequence, I got my face painted every time I make a mistake. For every correct answer, I got to open a gift. It was fun and we were making such a ruckus that the people in Marche keeps on complaining.

The next game was for me to identify the man-of-the-hour through the sense of touch. Alisa got me choosing cards containing different body parts and 3 names of our male guests. Wena guided my hand to each participant and I was supposed to identify who was the man-of-the-hour. For every right answer, I get a prize money. For every wrong answer, I get to either take out a part of my outfit or wear something from my collection of gifts. Wena had one of the underwear on top of my head worn as a headband. She also got me wearing a sheer sexy lingerie on top of my blouse.

It was so much fun and no matter how much noise we made, the Marche management just can't do anything about it. Some of my friends got irritated because of the constant reprimand for the noise but it was all supposed to be noisy because of the theme.

Anyhow, I really enjoyed my unconventional bridal shower and it's always good to have angels like Wena and Alisa who planned the whole thing.

I can only post 2 photos from the event as we need the rest of it for the wedding AVP.

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fun4families said...

We did a really unconventional theme for my daughter around the Kentucky Derby but could adapt some of the ideas for other more traditional themes like a tea or garden party. We also made it a coed shower and it was awesome.. here's how we did it.. so fun!

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