Saturday, March 6, 2010

Booklet Printing for Mac

I needed to test print a copy of our missalette to see how the end product will look like. I have engaged Printdivas to create the cover and have just finalized the songs to include for the wedding mass. Now, the only problem I had is how to print the missalette as a booklet.

I managed to find Cocoabooklet and it seemed promising. But after downloading it, I tried several times to launch it with no success. And I belatedly discovered that it is not compatible with Snow Leopard OS version.

Thankfully, I found Cheap Impostor.

The application allows for duplex printing and manual duplex. As my home printer is a Brother DCP-130C, I had to set the setting to manual duplex. My printer is designed to print from the last page so it is a good thing Cheap Impostor also allows for Reverse odd pages option. In this setting, the application creates two pdf files for the odd and even pages. The instruction was easy enough: print the odd pages first then reset the papers and print the even pages after.

I followed the instruction and after only my first try, voila, I've got the missalette in the booklet form.

I was so happy I asked my twin sister Malou to meet me to see the final product. It's so pretty. I can't wait to see if the missalette cover will fit in well with the rest of it. I shall know next week when my Bello arrives with a few copy of the finished missalette cover.

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