Monday, January 4, 2010

iPhone Notes - Loud!

I found a new hobby. Whenever a new idea comes up, I now put it on a note in my iPhone so I can return back to it later.

While listening to a teen playing extremely loud music inside the MRT train...

It starts with a soft wishper, a weak call for attention. But the more she ignores it, the more insistent it becomes.

"Laini. Why are you ignoring me?"

And the more she tries to drown the voices with the loud banging music, the clearer the voices seem to become.

The voices started manifesting when she turned 16. At first she thought she was dreaming but she had to abandon that idea when she started hearing conversations even when she knows for sure she is wide awake.

She thought she was losing her mind but it was not long before Laini realized she's hearing voices that no one else can.

I was going to use the above to write about some kind of short fantasy where fairies and other magical creatures will be featured. But after writing the note, I lost my train of thought and it's difficult to go back to it again. I still might so I'll just keep it here for later when my muse decides to visit me again and help me to complete this story.

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