Saturday, January 16, 2010

Funny Characters

All these events happened recently. Yes, they're true and not fiction.

The Stepping Lady
I bought a few items from the grocery so when I got a seat in the MRT train, I felt lucky. I put my bags in between my legs so I don't bother other commuters in the train. And then I read.

A few stops after, the man seated beside me alighted and an Auntie took the seat. At this time, I was barely registering who she was as I was busy reading. I have not moved since I first sat.

Suddenly, I felt someone stepping on my right foot. The Auntie was stepping on me! When I told her she was stepping on me, her answer was, "No, I am not stepping on you. You are going beyond your space. You see this line here (she showed the line between seats), you are going beyond that."

I was irritated. I have not moved a single muscle and suddenly the Auntie thinks I am invading her space. And instead of asking nicely for me to move, she promptly stepped on my foot thinking she has the right to do so.

For several seconds we argued, she was adamant that she's not stepping on my foot when the evidence is clearly otherwise. I told the Auntie that if she needed more space she could have just told me and I would have moved.

I did move and just brushed her continued chattering aside. I have much better things to do than to argue with a funny Auntie.

The Possessive Auntie
At the office, we have a pantry near our seats that has condiments for water, coffee, tea. There is also a wash basin for those who need to wash their hands or other stuff.

I arrived one morning with an Auntie occupying the right side of the pantry. She was getting coffee so she was busy at that moment. I went ahead and washed my hands, my water bottle and my cup.

In the middle of my activity, the Auntie stood beside me and started cutting her fruits and was starting to make a lot of noise. Then a few seconds after, while I was still washing my items, she suddenly snaked her hands in under the water tap and washed her hands.

I mumbled "Kung di ba naman bastos itong babaeng ito" (Well, isn't this lady rude)

To which the Auntie said, "Don't shout. I was here ahead of you."

First, I was not shouting. Second, I didn't know she owns the pantry.

Anyhow, I let it pass. I will not argue with an Auntie who seems to think she owns everything.

The Pinay at Carrefour
My sister and I went to Carrefour one time to buy cereals. When we arrived at that aisle, there was a lady who was diligently searching and reading the labels of the cereals. I took two boxes of the cereals i love and made a commentary to my sister (in Tagalog) about how I love them and how it is the best flavor.

To my dismay, I saw the lady took the last box of cereal. I was planning on getting it as well so I can stock up. It is always difficult to get that flavor as it is usually out-of-stock.

Again, I made a commentary to my sister about how it was too bad the lola (translation grandmother but i usually use this to mean any female) took the last box as well. I was hoping to get it too.

After my commentary, the lady suddenly said "Naiintindihan ko kayo" (I can understand you)

To which I cheekily replied "Bakit, wala naman kaming sinasabing masama" (Why, we are not saying anything bad).

My sister and I burst out laughing afterwards because we can't believe the girl would have the gall to say that. Even I will not do that unless there was some derogatory remarks being made.

On hindsight, I realized the lady probably did not like being called Lola and bristled when I continuously call her that.

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