Friday, January 8, 2010


Theme for this week:A woman makes a New Year’s Resolution to make her husband/boyfriend break his resolution within a week. What’s the resolution, and why does she want him to break it?


Jake is having a mid-life crisis at 36! I don't know what has gotten into him. He came to me a few minutes before New Year and surprised me with "I will change things these year. This year, I will do things I've never done before." This is well and good if this changing of things are sensible.

This morning, he suddenly have this "brillaint" idea of going on a white water rafting vacation. And this from someone who doesn't even know how to swim! I try to reason with him but he said that white water rafting is on his 'list'. Who keeps lists these days?

I saw him looking at slacks to wear, discarding everything that he has in the closet because he said they are just not fun! And online, I saw him ordering a red-colored corduroy jeasn and told me, 'Isn't it cool?' Does he think he's still in high school?

Today, I have made a decision that I will make him rue the day e mede this resolution. For a start, I changed his order of the red corduroy jeans and made it one size smaller. Let me see if he can make that fit. And for the white water rafting? I'll have to be extra smart about that and tell him at the last minute that it was cancelled and was replaced by a cruise in the Carribean.

Let's see how long he lasts. I'll give him one week.


keiths ramblings said...

Best of luck! You'll certainly be doing him a favour if you talk him out of red-coloured corduroy jeans!

mark said...

corduroy were awful years ago and time has done nothing to change my opinion.

I like the short and sweet approach to your story. Nicely done.

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