Friday, September 11, 2009

The Bet

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

In season 5 of Boston Legal, there was one episode where Denny chose a bet over Alan's friendship and caused a judge to recommend Alan for disbarment. Alan, who was usually very patient with Denny and all his quirkiness, was so angry that at one point in the episode, he blurted to Denny, "We're done!"

Denny came to him like a little child who made a small mistake expecting to be forgiven. But Alan was really angry and asked him to leave. Denny cannot seem to accept this and told Alan that he must be losing it already. It, meaning his mind. Alan, upon hearing the fear in Denny's voice, overcame his anger and became a consoling friend.

Denny asked Alan what he meant by his statement that they are done. To which Alan answered that their friendship is the type that cannot be broken by one small issue like that.

And it makes you wonder how many friends you have in your life that you can confidently say will accept you even if you've made a mess of yourself. One who would still be there for you in time of crisis even when you have done your worst.

I am glad to say that I do have friends like that, those whom I can depend on. No matter how 'maldita' I might be, they are still there when I call for help. Even after a huge spat, we come together after and realize how funny we were in allowing our pride to get in the way. Of course there are those who you thought will endure but in the end gave up just because and you just shrug because at least you know who your real friends are.

The kind of friendship Denny and Alan have in Boston Legal is definitely ideal that sometimes one would think it is not possible. But I think there are people out there who have an enduring friendship like that. And I'm glad for them. I hope they know how to treasure these kinds of friends.

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