Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kinokuniya vs. Borders

Over the weekend I went to both Borders and Kinokuniya in my search for some specific books. I didn't find it but I found out something about Borders instead.

Books from Borders are so much more expensive. A similar book costing $70+ in Borders is only $60+ in Kinokuniya. I think Borders' strategy of issuing discount coupons regularly put them on top of the game.

But Kinokuniya cannot be overtaken when it comes to the books they sell. I saw books in different languages: Japanese, French, German. Not that I read any of these but it just makes Kinokuniya the right bookstore to go to if you're from a different country and looking for a familiar piece of home.

I think the layout of Kinokuniya can be less confusing but then maybe it was designed that way specifically for people to get lost on books.

Anyhow, with 20% discounts being offered by Kinokuniya for members, buying a book there now is actually worthwhile and more practical. I found books that are not offered in Borders. So I think I might frequent it more these days.

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