Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last Sunday, I was listening to a compilation of Jeff Buckley's best songs. When the song Hallelujah played, it again evoked that same sadness that it always does. And I remember how I have decided some time back that this will be the song that I will play in my funeral.

Now, you'd say that's a morbid thing to think of, let alone weird. I was just in a phase sometime back when I was assigning a song for every major event in my life.

And this is the song I chose for my funeral.

See, I figured this is a song that's sure to put a tear or two in a person and voila! I have evidence of someone unhappy with my passing. =)

I know it's weird but there you go. I've got dibs on this song.


Malou said...

hay sister, there's still a lot of things to do, so stop talking morbid.

I'm always looking for new entries from you and you have to write about this? hay!

cookie said...

anuba ther!!! me too, inaabangan ko blog mo, then you write about dying?! wah!

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