Saturday, February 7, 2009

Water Fun

Woohoo! After a very long time, I finally got the chance to swim again.

In the 1 1/2 years of staying in Yew Tee, I've never had a chance to visit the sports complex because it was out of the way although not very far from where I stay.

Today, I finally made the decision to visit it and confirm if there is a swimming pool. I've got my swimming gears inside my tote just in case.

When I finally saw the place, I can't help but smile. The pool area has several big pools that cater for all types of swimmers, young and adult alike. One was designed for small children and has a lot of playing spots inside the pool. The other has occasional waves that looks really inviting. But the best of all is the big 50 meter pool at the side.

I was glad to note that there were not that many swimmers. Actually, there were a lot of small children who were taking swimming lessons and they were occupying both sides of the pool. The adult swimmers were in the middle. All in all, there were only 5 - 6 of us doing lapses.

I usually swim at the sides as a precaution in case I get cramps. But in this case, I had no choice because there were way too many kids staying at the sides.

The length of the pool was a bit intimidating for me. I've never swam in as big a pool as that. I think it was bigger than the pool we used to swim in in Paris.

After one crossing, I was ready to give up. My breathing was not regular and my arms were not used to the continuous strokes. But I forced myself to continue. Whenever I felt myself tensing, I consciously made myself relax. I was there to have a relaxing time. And I did! After 8 rounds, I called it a day.

It was tiring for me but I am just glad that I finally found a way to enjoy something I really love. I hope I find the time to always go back.

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