Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Promotion Gift

During our promotion drinks, the Development team surprised me and the others with a promotion card. I don't think anyone of us expected it. When my team arrived (the production support team), I told them about the card and how the dev team remembered me and they didn't! And I did a regular litany of the same line for everyone who comes and visit the production support table. In the end, my team told me that they did have something they are preparing but it is still in progress.

This is what they gave me today:

It's a picture puzzle! (yes, go ahead and state the obvious).

This was handed over to me by little Lulu during lunch but to keep the suspense, she tore the puzzle apart and asked me to build it myself. At the start, I was making some progress, albeit at a very slow pace. In the end, we all helped together (meaning, my team did most of it). I was useless. I would pick up a piece, go around the whole puzzle trying to figure out where it fits only to bring it down again because I can't find it! He he. So they told me to stop pretending that I'm trying to solve it. Of course I still did try but I really don't have a talent for it.

I really love the gift and told my team that it is definitely 1000x better than the card I got from the development team. He he.

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