Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Power of the Senses

It's amazing how a certain smell invokes memories in your mind. And I'm not talking about that guy who put his two arms up and suddenly overwhelms you with his really bad body odor. No. I'm talking about how easy it is to conjure the face of someone we love through the power of smell. A familiar scent somehow gives you comfort and can lessen the gap in miles.

And then there's that cliche, "A photo speaks a thousand words". Does it really? I do know that a certain moment can be captured and frozen forever. Then looking at it can make you live that certain time again. The laughter, the sadness and everything in between. Sometimes the memory is so overwhelming that you can taste a particular food at the tip of your tongue.

Then there are songs that make you remember a certain person in your life, giving you glimpses of days past. Conversations that you've shared a long time back can still sound so clearly in your mind.

When you are missing someone you love, you try to cling on to things that will remind you of them. It could be his perfume, a photo or a song, anything that can bring you closer.

I guess that's why I think one of the hardest ailment one can get is Alzheimer. I cannot imagine how it will be not to remember the people you love, people you care about. I think it's almost like losing a big part of yourself.

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