Friday, January 30, 2009

My Sassy Girl

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

I have not seen the Korean version of this movie so I don't have anything to compare it to. I think it did allow me to enjoy the movie better as I didn't have any expectations for it.

A romantic comedy with funny quips in between. The plot was simple but the characters were quirky enough that it was fun to watch.

The movie was directed by Yann Samuell who also directed one of my favorite movies, Love Me If You Dare.

Jesse Bradford is one of the main characters in the movie who kept on being pestered by Elisha Cuthbert. She would demand one thing or another and expect him to do it.

At one part of the movie, one of the characters said "Destiny is a bridge you build to the one you love." That part just gave me the chill. Not because I thought he made sense but because I thought it was just too cheesy! =)

But what the movie is trying to say is that you need to make a move if you want to get something. Like go answer the door, accept an invitation, go out with friends, etc. You cannot expect to find someone by waiting for fate to knock you silly and help you meet the right guy or gal.

There are again mixed reviews for this movie. Some love it while some thought it's common (i.e. plot and twists). I won't vote for it to receive an award but it was an enjoyable watch.

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