Friday, January 23, 2009


Warning! Spoilers ahead.

The book's title is based on, would you believe it, one of the villains. Capricorn is mean, unfeeling and a very bad man. Although there are part of the books where they describe his evil works, the details failed to jump at me and make me believe it in my bones. Sometimes I wonder if it was lost in translation. The original was written in German.

Now, back to the title. It's simple really. It has something to do with Capricorn's heart, how it is black as ink. Thus, the title InkHeart.

The concept certainly is something any book lover could understand. Imagine being able to read your favorite book characters to life. Wouldn't it be cool to actually bring Eragon and Saphira out of their book? Although I guess I have to be real careful with Saphira as she's one mean dragon.

If I have that ability, I wonder if I will use it. Will I bring to life the Kings, Queens and Princesses from my Philippa Gregory books. But then again, they might think I'm their maid and ask me to do a lot of things so I better not get those snotty royalties out then. Maybe treasures will come tumbling down and make me rich. Rubies, diamonds, gold. Hmmmm. That can definitely work for me.

But will I do it if I knew there is a consequence for everything I bring out here from books. Maybe not. But who knows? Maybe I don't know myself well enough. =)

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Vanessa said...

InkHeart sounds like a good read. Is that a series? If yes, what are the titles of the other books?

Ther said...

Yup. It's a trilogy.
1. InkHeart
2. InkSpell
3. InkDeath

There's a book that compiled all 3 but it's way too big and heavy so I bought the individual books. The 3rd book is not yet available here so I only have the first two.

Vanessa said...

Ok, I've decided! I'm going to read the InkHeart trilogy. lol

Thanks for the wonderful blog post!

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