Saturday, November 8, 2008


Michael Crichton, an author I follow, died a few days ago due to lung cancer. It was surprising because the authors of the books you read don't get the limelight like TV or movie artists do but they do affect your life.

I remember reading Jurassic Park and became an instant fan. I read it before the movie came out so when the movie was shown, I was excited to see how the film fared against the book.

I continued to follow his books, reading them as they get published. I guess the one thing I've never tried to do is to go through his old books and read them. I was always amazed by his attention to details and how much knowledge he poured on his book. It was definitely educational for me to read his works.

I will miss reading books from Michael Crichton. I hope the world knows we've lost a great author.

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