Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas without Peppermint Mocha

After a very long time, I saw myself sitting at one of the tables outside Starbucks coffee at Bugis. I was excited as I went inside to make my order. It's almost Christmas so the peppermint mocha must be available by now. Alas, as I scan the menu, it does not seem to be available. So I waited for my turn and asked the barista if the drink is available. They are not serving it this year. What!?!?

Christmas without peppermint mocha. Is it the end of the world?

Okay, I'm being melodramatic. But really. Christmas without my favorite jolly season drink.

I don't know why Starbucks decided to go without the peppermint mocha this year. I need to know why. Someone please tell me why.

photo courtesy of Pax Romano's Rambling

1 comment:

ceztlavie said...

naku ther! i was also looking forward to starbucks' peppermint mocha. na-disappoint din ako when i found out they didn't offer it this year. di ko rin naman naisipang itanong kung bakit. hayaan mo. if i pass by starbucks anytime soon, itatanong ko. hehehe :)

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