Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Give Me My Mojos Back!

I need a break. Last week, I've been snapping at my team adding more to the tense and busy environment. I think I need to pace my VL next year better. I don't know why I still plan my vacation like I used to. I mean, I should have more freedom for my schedule 'no? The only prerequisite my boss has is that the two of us don't go on VL at the same time to ensure there's always someone on escalation.

I was reading a book called 'Motivate To Win'. Some of the topics discussed there are things I already know. And yet I end up still doing some of the bad things I am not supposed to do. Ach! I hate that.

Knowing I'm not supposed to do something goes out the window when I get real stressed. And these days I seem to get a lot of that more than normal.

Anyhow, maybe I should take a short break for a while and get my mojos back.

My profile says I'm a crazy old witch. I don't want the witch part of it to overcome my usual angelic side. =P

I say we go on vacation. Now, who's with me?

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