Sunday, September 14, 2008

On Writing

The past two weeks, I've been preoccupied with looking for books on communication. I realized that although I consider myself a passable writer, I am poor in giving a good summary. Well, at least when it comes to work-related summaries. It is a flaw that I recognize and feel bad about so I looked to my mentor to help me out. She gave me several books to read regarding presentations. With the idea that learning how to present my thoughts will help me with knowing how to summarize details according to my reader's level.

That was not enough for me so I also went hunting for other books that might help. I ended up buying so many books now and wanting to read all of them at the same time. Some are not even related to communication but on leadership and management. Anyhow, I know I can only benefit from all the books I'm reading and the good insights they provide.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes busy.

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