Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am pissed. With people who I have trusted and helped only to find out later that my generosity was abused. I am generous to a fault. I don't mind helping friends and family because I am wired like that. What I hate, hate, hate is when my kindness is taken for granted and abused by people I trusted.

There are those who would only allow a relationship between my parents and their grandchildren if money passes hands.

There are those who would not honor their obligation and put up a lot of excuses. What's doubly irritating is when I find out that they can snag new stuff (and have the gall to blog about it) but would ignore you to death if you ask them about their obligation.

I am generally a nice person. But once you abuse my trust, don't expect me to understand your plight. I won't care so don't tell me stories anymore. Go talk to someone who would listen.

And believe me. Those who usually abuse my kindness always get into bad Karma. I don't ask for it, but it happens.

No matter how good you think you are, you're nothing to me now.

Go cry me a river. Expect me to watch while I see you drown.

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