Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A man suddenly inserted his left hand inside his pants to scratch an itchy backside. And it was not a discreet scratch, one done in subtlety to hide from the crowd. It was a vigorous, full-of-feelings scratch and I was just unlucky enough to be an unwilling witness.

He then proceeded to hold on to the escalator handrail using the same hand that has just recently visited his backside. A few seconds later, he then used the same hand to touch his face. As he greets his friend, the same nasty dirty hands went into his friends' back for a brotherly hug.

Can you just imagine where else that hand has travelled since then?

Ewwwww! Double, triple ewwww!


thefoolonthehill said...

Yupst, absolutely disgusting.

And have we ever considered the currency notes that we keep in our purses/wallets and wherever else.
Think of where and who and how these currency notes have been circulated. The rest is for anyone's imagination and by golly! how we treasure them with our life!


Denver Cereal said...

ew ew ew ew ew ew....


Claudia at Denver Cereal

Laura said...

Last year I read a post in a blog where the woman was writing about why she never washes her hands. It was all about how she didn't want to touch the taps and such at a public washroom so she only washed when she got home. I posted a comment about how she was setting herself up to pick up endless germs from everything she touches all day long. But, there were a lot of other posters on her blog who completely agreed with her. It was weird and gross really.

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