Friday, August 1, 2008


I found my site compared to the Tarot card Temperance at Mindrec's Tarot Entrecards. Funny, never thought I'd ever associate myself to that word. Ha ha.

Here is a sample of the card Temperance from wikipedia

I guess it's the angel design that got my site included in the list.

Here's an excerpt of what the Temperance tarot card usually represents:

In addition to its literal meaning of temperance or moderation, the Temperance card is often interpreted as symbolizing the blending or synthesis of opposites.

It sounds so grand...

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Brett Mindrec Robertson said...

Thanks for linking my site. I went through 20,000 cards looking for "just the one". The angel was particularly important in my choice BUT there were other angel cards! I was looking for an angel that was neither too innocent nor too wild ;) I like this line from the aforementioned wikipedia article: In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Sun in the background conceals a crown. That crown is the ego, who has died and is at the cusp of the adventures of the night (whatever that means) :)

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