Saturday, August 2, 2008

Taking Chances

I love it when I am surprised by choices that I made. When you take a chance and go outside of your comfort zone. You'd think I am talking about something so adventurous but I'm really just talking about a book. Ha ha.

I was at Borders the other day lured there by their ever present discount voucher. I know their strategy is working because no matter how many books I've got stored and waiting in my bookcase, I still end up buying more.

One of the books I noticed while I was browsing was the Map of Bones from James Rollins. It was just one book case away from David Silva and I was at that time in a happy mood having found one of the books I was waiting on: The Secret Servant. So I happened to see the Map of Bones, read the synopsis and found it interesting. James Rollins was not an author I am familiar with but I figured might as well try. I did discover David Silva through the same way.

The Map of Bones was an interesting read. It really got my attention and it was very difficult to put it down. I formed the habit of going home the long way (going to Yew Tee through Orchard, Woodlands route) just so I have more time to read the book. I find the story really absorbing and it was a well researched book. One of the best things I like about reading is the knowledge you garner every time. And Map of Bones is definitely one where you'll learn a lot about history.

I'm glad I took a chance on this author and tried one of his books. I have included him as one of my favorites and have just recently bought two more of his books, one of which I am currently reading: Black Order.

How about you? What kind of chances have you taken lately that has brought you an interesting experience?

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Catherine said...

My bloke got me reading James Rollins a couple of years back, and we have a complete set of his novels on our shelves. Map of Bones is the start of a new series, sort-of, whereas the books before that were stand-alone novels (well, Sandstorm has some of the Delta Force characters) and had a lot more fantasy/SF-style elements in them; Map of Bones and Black Order are slightly more straightforward thrillers though with lots of historical stuff as made popular by The Da Vinci Code.
I like his stuff anyway, and it's great vacation reading.

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