Saturday, August 9, 2008

F*cker Is The New Excuse

The MRT train nowadays is always full. In the morning, the number of people who alight at Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place is a lot and can be overwhelming. So I have gotten into the habit of staying near the trains doors when we get to Tanjong Pagar to make it easier for me to get out.

This morning, I found myself on the way to the train door at the Tanjong Pagar stop. I always try to walk at the back and follow everyone else who are going out to avoid blocking anyone who wants to get out. But it was different this morning. I unknowingly hindered a man's exit on the same station.

Instead of the usual 'Excuse me.', I actually heard 'F*cker' shouted from behind. I was surprised and incredulous. The speaker was an elderly Singapore uncle who in his corporate outfit should be educated enough to know how to say excuse. It did make me think twice about the kind of education he got as he seem to have missed critical lessons in manners.

What is the world coming into?


MommyBa said...

That's not really good :(

Tomas Karkalas said...

Life was given to us for enjoying the sunlight, so I rejoice over the colors that bloom in the pictures of our art therapy club in the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders ... the patients become the giants here and have no time for musing about "What is the world coming into?"
I like your post and your blog looks fine. It would be fine to have a cup of coffee with you... Is it not our goal? We all are searching for the happiness and find the peace by recognizing ourselves in other.

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