Saturday, August 23, 2008


Three long hours of agony to my legs and feet. Three long hours of feeling the sudden pang of hunger. Three long hours of waiting with just my book to keep me sane. And yet I persevered and I waited for my turn.

I queued up today to get my iPhone at Singtel ComCentre. My appointment was at 7pm - 9pm. I arrived just a few minutes after 6:30pm. I figured that I still have enough time. Somehow, with the number of people walking in the same direction, I found my feet walking a bit faster in trying to get to where I need to be.

It took some time for me to get to the actual queue. There wasn't any clear direction outside of the building so I ended up asking about 5 - 6 people for directions. When I finally found the place, que horror! The line is really, really long. But still, I made my way to the end of the queue and waited. And waited and waited.

The line moved and I finally made it to the front. Then we were told to move. So we were walking and walking, only to find out we're just walking towards another queue! Again, I persevered. I want that iphone! The line again moved and I again found myself in another queue. This time, it does move fast so I figured it must be okay. We were then asked to move on. Of course, on to another queue! I was really hungry at this time and have been on my feet for 2.5 hours. But I waited again until finally it was my turn.

Counter 32. So in I went to the counter and gave my papers. After much fuss and about, it turned out corporate accounts (like mine) is not valid for the iphone upgrade! Oh my golly! I told the girl I will not go out of the store empty handed after queueing for 3 hours! Unfortunately, the girl cannot do anything about the corporate account. I ended up signing up for a new one.

When I finally got out of Singtel, I met two of my friends who have been waiting for over an hour outside. From far away, they can see me smiling so wide even after the more than 3 hour wait. One even said with the look I had, he almost thought I got married instead of just getting the iphone. Ha ha ha.

But I am definitely loving my iphone as it is a perfect complement for my Mac. It sure is worth the wait.

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