Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beware of Hooligans at Sim Lim Square

My sister Mary wants to buy a PSP slim for her daughter. To make sure she doesn't get hoodwinked by anyone in Sim Lim, I accompanied her to give my advise.

The first shop we came to was the one just before you go in the mall. We asked for the price and we were told $170! I was incredulous! I said, 'why?' and the guy laughed at me. He said 'It's cheap! How much do you want it to be?'. Then he brought the price much lower to $150. He will even modify it for free. But I am not one to buy at the first instance without checking the price from other stores so I told my sister we'll just go back.

We went from one store to another and have never found another one whose price is better or equal to the first one we saw. I was getting dizzy as well so I told my sister to just go back to the first store and buy from there.

This time, we were told, the price is $150 but if we want the modified one, it will cost us $200. So I said no. Then the other guy say, okay, I'll modify it for you for $150. I said, okay. I'd like to see the unit first. I asked if it was new and he said it just came from the box. I guess the evasion in answering the question should have warned me. Then I was inspecting the unit trying to see if it has scratches, etc. The guy was adamant that we pay up the money before they modify the unit and give it to us. I was pissed because I was still not done with inspecting the unit and he was demanding money! So I said to my sister to leave.

We looked at other more places and asked some more. One guy told me a price of $290 and I said it's too expensive. The guy asked, how much do you want? I said some stores told us $150. Then he explained that when you buy from these stores, they will ask you to hand over your money first but they won't give you the unit until you've bought additional accessories costing between $80 - $100+.

Another shop we went to said those shops selling between $150 - $190 have refurbished units but they won't tell you that.

So I lost my faith in any of the stores in Sim Lim and I told my sister we should just go somewhere it's safe to buy. Like shops in Funan, etc.

One of the store owners we have spoken to in Sim Lim said that a lot of the Filipinos / Filipinas have been fooled into buying the cheaper priced PSP. The money will change hands but the unit will not be given until you buy some more. And because the money is already with them, you have no choice but to give in to their demands.

From the start, I knew there was something fishy. Good thing I was not one who trusts easily and will always look at every angle especially if the price seems like a give away.

Anyhow, beware of these scams happening in Sim Lim. Be sure to buy in good and known stores or you just might find yourself buying a refurbished unit with unwanted accessories to boot.

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Felix Noir said...

Wow, I'm glad you didn't fall for that. when shopping, the best thing to keep in mind is that they want to get your money, so you have to stay alert. It's a good thing you followed your intuition! Congrats on not buying the PSP :)

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