Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wealth, Looks and Intelligence Quotient

During lunch, there was an intense discussion between me and my lunch mates. There were 6 women and a lone guy in the group. It all started with the disclosure of a survey made by Princess. In this survey (comprised of a number of women... okay, 2), Princess got the idea that women's percentage for the perfect guy is 80% wealth, 10% looks and 10% intelligence.

It went on to a few of the group stating that these days, it is important for the man to have money.

I, of course, had to disagree on the criteria for the right guy for me. As I have a very strong personality, I need someone who can be my partner and not someone I can just squash under my shoes. So I said wealth is not that important. As long as the guy earns a decent income, then it's fine. But he must have a strong confidence without being conceited.

The discussion then went on to a more serious mode when someone interjected that it will probably not work out if the guy earns less than the woman. And I had to argue again that it depends on the man. Their argument is that if he has such a strong personality, then he must be earning a lot of money. But then I said that not all industries earn the same. A guy could be well known or at the top of his industry but is not as well paid as in IT.

I think that it is common for some guys to feel insecure when a woman earns more. But I really believe that it depends on how confident he is about himself. One of the married girls agree while another disagrees.

A point brought up by Princess is that when the girl earns more, the guy can stop working and the girl can still probably get them through. But if the guy is earning so much less, the girl cannot afford being out of work or they might starve.

I really think it depends on what a woman is looking for. Even if a guy is wealthy but he is a jerk, I will never like him. If a guy earns less than me and is insecure about it, then he better say goodbye because I might have been mistaken to have liked him in the first place and it'll just take one bump in the head for me to wake up and leave him. As I said, I need someone with a strong personality and confidence in himself. If a guy gets insecure about a woman's higher salary, then he is not really that self assured. He's just fooling himself and everybody else.

So what's my ratio for the perfect guy for me? 40% personality/intelligence, 30% wealth and 30% looks. I wonder if I can go somewhere to manufacture one. =)

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little light said...

same here. i have a strong personality too. i prefer a man who can keep up with me over someone i can boss around.

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