Sunday, July 20, 2008


I finally bought my SB-800 after a long wait. I've been procrastinating because I was trying to decide if I should buy a 2nd hand or a brand new one.

Before buying one, I think it matters that you ask around and research about the different prices from different stores. puts the retail price for the SB-800 at $816.33. You can buy the same from Cathay photo for $630. A second hand unit from clubsnap forums will give you a tag price of between $400 - 480. Sometimes a second hand piece will come much higher than that.

I was at Peninsula Plaza the other night and I bought a dry box as the one I had before was given away. I asked for the price of the SB-800 and was surprised to hear $530.

The next day, I went back to the same area and asked other shops for the same item. The price ranges from $620, $630, $530 (cash). The last shop I went to (De-Luxe Cameras Centre Pte Ltd) originally quoted me a high price but it went down all the way to $500, without GST. Thus, it came around to $535 (cash) or $550 (credit card). Not a bad price actually as a few of the people I know bought this same item for $630 or more.

I am not very familiar yet with the use of the speedlight but I think with practice it'll come easily. I am just so happy that I have finally bought this.

Happy clicking!

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mharia said...

cool ... congratulations on the new "toy"! :)

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