Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Go Nuts on Donuts!

My sisters and I chanced upon the J. Co Donuts store at Raffles City and saw that they were selling two dozens of donuts for only $21. It tastes okay but I think I still like Dunkin Donuts more. Ha ha.

I was having a crazy cravings for it though so after lunch today Princess and I went down to Raffles City from ORQ to buy two dozens of donuts for the support team. I set aside a few pieces to bring home and the rest I gave to the team. There was enough to ensure each member has one piece. My team liked it. So because a few members were out today, the ones who were at the office decided to 'take care' of their share as well. Talk about being gluttons. =)

I liked the soft feel of their donut instead of the usual hard and dry ones. The taste isn't so bad as well as I end up eating a lot every time. I won't say the taste is sensational but it wasn't bad either. BTW, their coffee and hot chocolate drink are horrible and they are not worth your money if you try to dine in. My sisters and I ended up leaving our drink even when it was still 3/4 full.

Here's a picture of some of the donuts they serve:

image from http://jasonmumbles.com


1 comment:

Malou said...

Hmmmppphhh! I thought we're on diet? No sweets noh! Hehehehe... Anyway, they are nice but I still think Krispy Kreme is better. ;-p

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