Monday, July 21, 2008

City Outing

The rain stopped at around 4:30pm. I was having second thoughts about leaving but I decided to leave at 5pm to try my new SB-800. What better way to test my speedlight than by taking photos in the evening? Uh huh. Duh!

I originally wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens. I like that place a lot. But I figured it's probably not a good place to go to after that heavy rain. So I ended up at the National Museum of Singapore. Surprise, surprise. They have an exhibit of a David replica, in RED! The exhibit is called Surrounding David.

Here's a few photos that exhibits the difference of having a speedlight. I am not very good at its use yet but I am experimenting while learning. ;)

The photo on the left was taken using the Nikon Diffusion Dome while the one on the right was taken with the built-in bounce card. Very big difference on the result.

The first photo was taken without the flash. I just wanted to show the difference of one with a flash.

I converted the image on the right into black and white and it became an eerie photo. Anytime now, I expect someone to look through the window at the top. Ha ha.

The one on the left is the original color of the David statue. Yes, it is in red. The one on the right is after I changed another photo into antique.

I saw this sculpture beside the Singapore National Museum. I thought this was at Clarke Quay. Or maybe it just looks similar. The photo was converted into antique.

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