Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Lust Focus

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Sooooo. It is finally coming. The 3G iPhone is going to be available in a dozen countries on July 11. It seems in Asia, only Hong Kong and Japan are included in the first wave. The rest of the world has no definite release date yet but I was told that the phone will only be available in Singapore on September. Good. Just in time for my birthday.

I made my reservation through Singtel's iphone reservation link. But you also need to go to a Singtel hello store to confirm your reservation (yup, done both today).

The phone will be available in 8G (black) or 16G (black or white). And from what I read, it can be synched up using Microsoft Exchange Active Synch. Which means I can use this phone to synch up my calendars at the office. Woo hoo! Imagine having the phone I want and the phone I need rolled into one.

I can't wait for September....

3 whisper(s):

cookie said...

whoooaaa!!! kakaiba talaga ang mayaman... tsktsktsk... hehe. Kelan next libre? Lunchout? :)

Big Game said...

I bet the white one looks great. Enjoy the phone...I am just going to have to keep lusting for a while.

bambit said...

There's this show on AXN Beyond called Moonlight, and everyone's got THAT phone (the current one) so I see it in action lots of times on tv ... hay, hanggang TV nalang muna ako :(