Friday, June 20, 2008

Green-Eyed Monster

A friend of mine asked me a few days ago about my relationship with my twin sister. My friend was asking if we have ever been envious or ever competed with each other. I found the question a bit surprising and I told her so. It seems she has a few other twin friends who actually do compete with each other. And that is sad. My twin sister has always been my best friend and being jealous of the other was never something we've ever had a problem on. We're just not brought up that way.

The two of us were partners in crime. What the other did, the other is sure to be always one step behind. It would not have worked well for us if we have the constant attack of the green-eyed monster. And thank God for that. Actually, thank my parents for that.

I admit, my sister has always been the more popular one. But I never hold that against her. It was just not my thing. Whereas she could easily be friendly with anyone, I on the other hand, tend to observe quietly and form my opinions first before deciding if I'd like to be friends. And as I said, being popular is not my thing. I like my alone time with my books. Yes, I was the geeky one. I overtake her in the academic arena and I am more of an achiever. But it doesn't mean she has no dreams. I just happen to have bigger ones.

Is it unusual for twins not to be jealous of each other? Maybe. I know of a few more twins who actually can't stand each other's company. They actually dread having a copy for fear of being called unoriginal. How funny is that? Being ashamed of your twin is like being ashamed of yourself.

I'm glad my twin sister and I have our kind of relationship. I cannot imagine being envious of the one person who is closest to me. She is, after all, my other half of the egg.

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Anonymous said...

nice :)

Malou said...

Hey sis! Just want to say nice write up! Mwah! Love yah!

Angelica Louise said...

Nice blog Mommy Ther! Thnx 4 teaching me 2 set my blog!

little light said...

i envy you. as a girl, i often wished i had a twin sister. now i wish i could have twin baby girls someday. :)

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