Sunday, June 29, 2008

Curiosity Didn't Really Kill The Cat


The Writer's Island prompt for this week: Curiosity

The Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week: Vision

Curiosity and pride got the better of her. She knew she’s not supposed to be there but the taunts and dare is just too much for her young pride.

“You’re too afraid to go inside.”

“Am not!”

“Oh yes, you are!”

“Am not!”

And to prove that she isn’t afraid, she found herself running over across to the old blue house and went inside without prompting.

Her heart is beating fast. Her heightened senses was on full alert for any problems she might encounter. She heard a noise from upstairs like someone was pacing and unable to sleep. Her heart almost leapt out of her when she felt something touch her right leg.



Oh my golly! It’s Red! She found her kitten! It was silly of her to feel frightened. The old house has been empty for years and was even considered as the local haunted house. But it doesn’t mean she has to jump at almost everything when inside!

She heard again the pacing sound from upstairs. It was coming from the upper right bedroom, the one that overlooks the lake. Who could it be?

Vision of ghosts and monsters filled up her young mind. And even as she felt the icy fear trickle down her spine, she felt a certain thrill.

“Cool! Ghosts!”

She put Red on the roomy pocket of her jacket. It’s got a hole on both side so Red won’t feel suffocated. She slowly went upstairs, trying to hide her progress by skipping the squeaky floorboards. The house looked normal enough in daylight but at night it can be creepy. Louise and her friend Ryan used this house as their pirate headquarters. Due to the nearness to the lake, it is the best place to do their mini-boat sailing and pretend like they are on a journey to capture other ships.

She reached out to the doorknob even as she tries to calm her erratic heart. She held on tightly to the bat that she brought for her protection. Her pulse is like a loud beating drums drowning out the noise from everything else. She turned the doorknob slowly and opens the door and almost lost her breath from the sight that greeted her.

A ghost! A white creature is pacing around the room like a caged lion. But when it felt Louise’ presence, it stopped. Slowly, it approached her. She didn’t notice she was backing out until she bumped into the wall.

But something is amiss. This can’t be a ghost. No ghost wears a neon green sneakers like that!


And a young boy went out under the white cloth he used to cover himself.

“Ha ha! I fooled you! You thought I was a ghost! Ha ha ha!”

“It’s not funny!”

“Oh yes, it was. You should have seen your face. Now, what? Why are you looking like that with your big eyes all wide and looking surprised? The joke is over!”



“There’s a lady standing behind you.”

Ryan froze. The look of terror on his face had her feeling uneasy.


That was the last she heard from Ryan as he ran as fast as he can down the stairs, to the front door and out to the street.

“He he. And he thought he can fool me.”

She walked down calmly and brought Red out of her pocket.

“We sure did fool him, didn’t we? We fooled him alright.”

She was whistling their favorite pirate song as she walked and skipped her way back home. She’ll talk to Ryan tomorrow and explain. She’s sure he’ll understand.

As she walks away, a white figure can be seen at the upper right bedroom looking down on her.

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Greyscale Territory said...

Love the layers of foul play and intrigue! Lovely write!

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