Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Angel's Smile

The MRT's train door opened and a few commuters went in including two women carrying baby strollers.

As I was reading, I didn't give the new passengers a second look. But as my stop draws near, I happen to look at the stroller beside me. The small boy seated inside was staring at me. He has the beginning of a smile playing on his lips, not fully formed, like he is cautious about bestowing his smile to a stranger.

I smiled back.

I was surprised by the endearing grin that the little boy gave me then. It was guileless and full of warmth. I can't help but feel glad. That made my day today.


Shinade said...

Love your site. I love angels. If my signal will hold up I am going to join and favor.:-)

Shinade said...

Well I joined but Technorati is down right now. I will try later!!:-)

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